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Property Energy Efficiency Classificator

ClientVM Partners
ObjectiveAutomate the appraisal of energy efficiency grades for nearly 40,000 properties.
Time Frame2 months
Technologies UsedNode.js, Playwright, PostgreSQL
OutcomeSuccessfully appraised ~80% of properties with accurate energy efficiency grades. This streamlined VM Partners’ operations and led to further projects. Additionally, it saved months of manual work and modernized the client’s approach to property appraising.

We recently teamed up with VM Partners, a property appraisal company, to help them tackle a big challenge: appraising the energy efficiency grades for almost 40,000 properties for one of Serbia’s largest banks. By gathering all publicly available data and using specialized appraisal methods, we helped VM Partners quickly and accurately grade each property. This case study shows how we delivered a smart and efficient solution to meet their needs.

Challenges and Objectives

Big Job Ahead: VM Partners needed to figure out energy grades for around 40,000 properties. With so many properties, manually checking each one wasn’t practical. Our goal was simple but challenging: use public data to assign accurate energy grades wherever possible.

Method for the Missing: For properties without any public energy data, we couldn’t just guess. We implemented a smart appraisal approach using specific methodologies to fill in the gaps.

Race Against Time: The clock was ticking from the moment we got the job. We had a tight two-week deadline to complete our assessments after receiving the data, with only a month and a half beforehand to prep and gather what we needed.


When VM Partners came to us with the task of grading 40,000 properties for energy efficiency, we knew we had to get creative and use smart tools.

Here’s How We Did It:

  1. Web Crawlers: First up, we sent out web crawlers to collect all energy efficiency passports data online in Serbia. This helped us get a head start.

  2. Automation Software: We then used our own automation software to match the bank’s property data with the energy data we found, and automatically assigned energy grades to those properties.

  3. Appraising Algorithm: For properties without any energy data, we didn’t stop there. We developed a special algorithm that could figure out the energy efficiency grades based on other known bits of information.

Quality Checks: To make sure we got it right, we tested everything twice—once with our automated tools and once by hand. This helped us catch and fix any mistakes.

All About Timing: With a lot to do in just two weeks, we used the time before we got the bank’s data to prepare. This meant when it was go-time, we were all set to focus on matching the data and running our grading process.

By combining tech smarts with a solid plan, we managed to get through the mountain of work and deliver accurate energy efficiency grades for all 40,000 properties.


The project with VM Partners wasn’t just a success; it was a milestone that significantly impacted their operations and their client’s decision-making capabilities. Here’s a closer look at the results:

High Success Rate: We managed to accurately resolve around 80% of the properties’ energy efficiency grades, a notable achievement considering the initial quality and completeness of the data. This level of success underlines the effectiveness of our innovative solution and the hard work put into the project.

Time and Effort Saved: Our approach saved VM Partners and their client, the bank, potentially months of manual labor. More than just time, we accomplished what was previously thought impossible without the aid of sophisticated software solutions. This demonstration of capability was crucial for the client, highlighting how technology can leverage over traditional methods.

Client Satisfaction: The feedback from the bank was plainly positive—they were satisfied with the outcomes. Delivering such results strengthened VM Partners’ relationship with their client and showcased our role as a reliable software development partner.

Modernizing Operations: The success of this project allowed VM Partners to modernize their approach to property appraising. Recognizing the value brought by our software solutions, they engaged us for additional projects, aiming to further streamline and enhance their operations.

This project was not only a testament to godacode’s ability to deliver under pressure but also a step forward in modernizing property appraisal processes. By bridging the gap between traditional methods and modern technology, we helped VM Partners stand out in their field.

Closing Thoughts

Partnering with VM Partners to tackle the massive task of grading 40,000 properties was not just a win, but a whole level-up moment for us. This project was a blast from start to finish. Sure, it was a challenge, but solving tough puzzles is kind of our jam at godacode. We didn’t just hit our goals; we zipped past them, helping VM Partners do a 180 on their approach to appraisals.

It’s moments like these that keep us on our toes – excited for the next big challenge and ready to dive into the deep end of innovation. Every new project is a chance to learn something cool, break a few rules, and maybe, just change the game a bit.